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The logic is a formal science that studies the principles of valid inference and demonstration. In other words, when we talk about logic , we talk about simplicity in an explanation. An example, one day like any other you go on the beach and you find a jellyfish on the seashore. You decide to go take it and take a picture with it. Logically it will sting you. Moreover, by logic you would be stupid. Well, today from the writing of OW Mag we bring you some of the most entertaining and complicated logic games in the world.

Candy Crush Saga

Probably many of you did not have the slightest idea that in this game the levels are exceeded with logic . The game consists of combining the amount of 3 or more candies equal to each other. But it does not finish here. Apart from the large number of levels and difficulties that exist, this application has up to five different game modes, which are: limited movement mode, kill the jelly, lower the ingredients to the lowest, time limit and order mode of candies Available for iOS and Android, Candy Crush Saga has managed to capture the attention of millions of users and already has different modalities, such as Candy Crush Soda.
This game for smartphones and tablets has become the sensation of new entertainment.


In this list could not miss the logic games par excellence. The riddles consist in telling a story, sometimes a little … extravagant, in which, through the indiscriminate use of logic, you must be able to get an answer to the final question that arises. In Owl we have decided to recreate one of the most famous in history for all our users. The question is, will you succeed?
On an island there are 100 inhabitants. They all have either blue eyes or brown eyes. Everyone sees the color of others, but not their own color. They can’t talk about it and there are no mirrors. Of course: a law states that if someone discovers that they have blue eyes, they must leave the island at 8 am the next morning. All islanders have the same ability to reason and all are capable of using impeccable logic.

One day, a person comes to visit the island and, while looking at everyone, says, without pointing to anyone in particular: “How good it is to see at least one person with blue eyes after such a long time of being at sea!
What consequences did this comment bring to the inhabitants of the island?
Try to find out for yourself, if you are a lens… here we leave you the solution:
Sheldon has done it, can you?
Solution: Everyone with blue eyes will leave the island.
If there was only one person with blue eyes, I would know since I would see that the remaining 99 have them brown, so I would leave.

If there were two, the first (A) might think that it refers to the second (B) and that there is only one, but the second would think the same of the first. When one sees that the other does not leave the island on the first day, it only remains to deduce that he also has blue eyes, so both will have to leave on the second day.
The same happens if there were three, since A would see that B and C do not leave the island and, therefore, he also has blue eyes, so they would have to leave all three on the third day, seeing A (for example ) that neither B nor C have left the second day.
And so on until all the inhabitants with blue eyes leave, whatever they may be.


How to forget one of the most famous games in the history of logic. Launched in 1984, this Russian video game has become the entertainment of millions of children, and not so children, in which you must make use of the most extreme logic. The Tetris has a very simple mechanics. In a panel, chips with different shapes will begin to fall, very slowly. There are 7 pieces created by 4 square blocks but in different positions. The objective? Try to block the tiles in such a way that they create perfect horizontal lines. When a horizontal line is completed, that line disappears and all the pieces that are above descend one position, freeing up play space and, therefore, facilitating the task of placing new pieces. If you cannot create perfect lines, the pieces will accumulate and once you reach the highest point of the panel you will lose.

The Solitario

Before you say anything, it is not the well-known card game . This game is a bit more peculiar. We know it dates from the 18th century, although its origin remains unknown. The mechanics are really simple. It is played individually. You have a board and 32 balls in their respective holes, except the central one that is empty. Well, each play consists of jumping with any piece on an adjacent one, which is removed from the board, as in the checkers game. Jumps can be made in any direction except diagonally. You can even jump multiple times as long as there is a valid hole behind the last ball jumped. The goal is to leave a single ball on the board, this should be in the central hole and always the minimum number of movements possible. The known record is in only 18 movements.
Perhaps the most entertaining physical game in the logistics world.